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MORNING FLOWERS is a collection of dresses and textiles based on the unique paintings of the Bulgarian artist Vladimir Dimitrov Maystora (Feb 1882- Sept 1960). It is called "Morning Flowers" because he used to go early in the morning to the field, at sunrise to paint them.

The textiles are meant to provoke a feeling of a specific kind of modernity, namely one of simplicity, earthiness and a human touch. The fabrics also call for a natural, relaxed and artistic mood. It is about modernity, but not an artificial one. The base is made of unbleached washed calico.  The 3D flowers are digitally embroidered one by one, stitched together and then hand stitched to the calico.

  • dimension 33cm width/46cm height/2cm depth
  • no frame
  • floral
  • soft- fabric on fabric
  • style- minimal, modern, contemporary, 3D sculpture, natural
  • colors- blue, black, brick
  • ships in a box; shipping included
  • One-of-a-kind Artwork
  • Year: 2023





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