IXTYS is a brand concerned about the waste created in the process of making clothes. It is important for us to think sustainable and make sustainable choices.

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Even though IXTYS dresses are made only of Italian fabrics, the creative director regularly visits the leading textile shows in Europe like Premier Vision Paris, in order to see what the future of the industry holds, get an insider look of the direction the fashion is moving on and to engage with the materials of all over the world.

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We make the effort to use excess designer fabrics for at least 90% of our production.

We do search and use natural, high-tech and green materials made in Italy.

armani beaded fabrics made in italy giorgio deadstock materials

Giorgio Armani beaded fabrics

In order to reduce our negative environmental impact, we have made a major change to our production process. Investing in technology, we have brought the embroidery process in our atelier and thus have insured minimal wastage of fabric and thread.

Making the embroidery in the atelier requires less courier van transport then before.

We use the embroidery threads of Madeira, a winner of The Sustainability Award.

Even the smallest fabric remnants left after the cutting and the embroidery process,  are further processed. For example, they are cut on small pieces or even unraveled to treads, stitched to a base to form a texture, and then embroidered.

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We design and produce only made-to-order dresses .

We support the 'BUY LESS' movement by offering timeless high quality designs that can be worn for long periods of time and by few generations.

IXTYS designs a collection of dresses and textile artworks under the name "Earth day_Every day". The collection addresses all kinds of issues, connected to planet Earth and her preservation.






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