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WE ARE ALL CONNECTED III / 15th International Textile and Fibre Art Biennial “Scythia”

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED III / 15th International Textile and Fibre Art Biennial “Scythia”

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  • One-of-a-kind Artwork
  • Year: 2023
  • dimension: artwork- 20X20cm; frame- 29cm width/29cm height/3cm depth
  • white mat box frame
  • geometric
  • soft: fabric on painting canvas with stretched primed Italian fabric (70% cotton and 30% synthetics) and a wedged wooden frame made of softwood lumber
  • materials: hand died silk organza, digitally embroidered feathers and line work, hand beaded and stitched, felt
  • style- minimal, contemporary, 3D sculpture, design
  • colors- greens, cappuccino, beige, ivory, black
  • ships in a box; shipping included

Concept: Spiral, as a main symbol of Evolution, has been chosen to express Man's relationship with Nature. The Evolution of the human spirit takes place from the inside out and requires constant upgrading. The texture of the spiral visualizes the individual's moment of awareness, as well as the process of realizing this interdependence with Nature, its phases and stages that go from denial and rejection to building and perfection. This is accomplished through the use of digitally embroidered words in one work and through the use of embroidered feathers, chosen as a symbol of the animal world in the other. Feathers are also a sign of Angelic presence that helps and encourages the process of ennobling the aura of this planet. Colors are the other means of expression that help to paint the theme. Through their gradation from black to fresh, almost sunny green, we set the direction of the work to be done by us humans. Despite this purposefulness, through the use of bottom ecru thread, none of the colors remain pure, but a mélange. This comes to express the existing dualism of this Earth, namely that while one builds and saves, the other, at the same time, still pollutes and kills. It also shows that we have not reached the phase of "0 WASTE" yet and that even the positive, ecological, already used techniques can still be improved a great deal.The Earth, or Gaia as it is called, is a living being and could only be itself when we take care not to make it sick and use it in ways that would destroy it. She is our home and we are the main factor on which her and our own survival depends!

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