PatricIA - 'Crystals & Pearls' collection

Patricia in a 'herbаrium' top decorated with ecru embroidered flowers, hand beaded with crystals and pearls. (one-off top)

atelierixtys ixtys white embroidered top flowers perls crystals sleevless one-off handmade lace

hair: Stylist Vassil Atanassov
museum: Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art
exhibition: The HERBARIUM as a place for storing ideas
atelierixtys white sleevless top art embroidered flowers hand beaded crystals pearls

 "‘Herbarising’ is an action of imprinting memories, emotions, words; images that have lost their significance, images that have gradually become essential; the explosive joy of new ideas and its transformation into calm indifference."

white summer cotton top embroidered beeded flowers hand stitched hand made lace herbarium sleevless separates

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