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Dimana Nakova holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion&Textile Design from UTS, Australia. During her studies she interned with some Australian fashion designers and worked as a fashion designer assistant and a couture dressmaker for some of the most prestigious bridal boutiques in Sydney.


In 2003, Dimana Nakova established her own label IXTYS and opened a boutique in Sofia, Bulgaria.The atelier produced couture ball gowns, evening and cocktail dresses, made-to-measure for private customers only.
In the beginning, the collections were highly conceptual and strongly based on the Bulgarian folk costume. Tremendous amount of high quality hand work was involved and fine Italian silks and designer techno-polyesters were used for catwalks and clients.


Dimana Nakova has done a great number of fashion shows for IXTYS in Bulgaria with Bulgarian Fashion Forum-Sofia, Prêt-à-porter–Visage Models Group- Sofia and VIP Models Group-Varna.


Dimana Nakova was invited several times to do fashion shows for IXTYS in Serbia with Serbia Fashion Week, City of Nish and with International Festival of Ethno-based High Fashion Festival ETHNOPEIA, City of Belgrade.


The Creative Director has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics, Hair Stylist Vassil Atanasov- Art Director of HCF, Bulgaria/ Loreal Professionnel and WELLA Professional on presenting Hair and Makeup Trends.


Dimana Nakova has collaborated as a fashion journalist and a consultant for Bulka magazine and PARI newspaper. Also, her collections appeared on the pages of the most prestigious fashion magazines and websites in Bulgaria and are shown on BNT- Bulgarian National Television, NOVA TV and Chanel 3.


Dimana Nakova has collaborated with the contemporary artist Alla Georgieva and the jazz musician Theodosii Spassov, who plays kaval and is Artistic Director of 'PHILIP KOUTEV' ensemble.


Since Spring 2013, Atelier Ixtys has focused on producing of ready-made collections consisting of elegant day out, night out and cocktail dresses. The limited edition collections (only 2 dresses per design) are manufactured in Bulgaria and made of high quality natural and high-tech Italian fabrics.

The unique gowns are characterized by the exclusive machine embroidery designed by the creative director and made specifically for the brand, as well as the handmade couture finishes. IXTYS provides you with THE BEST QUALITY EMBROIDERY by using the threads of THE WORLD LEADER 'MADEIRA', Made in Germany.

Even though IXTYS dresses are made only of high quality Italian fabrics, the creative director Dimana Nakova regularly visits the leading textile shows in Europe like Premiere Vision, Paris in order to see what the future of the industry holds, get an insider look at the direction fashion is moving on and to engage with the materials from all over the world.


IXTYS is a brand concerned about the waste created in the process of making clothes. It is important for us to think sustainable and make sustainable choices.

  • We make the effort to use excess designer fabrics for at least 80% of our production. We do search and use natural, high-tech and green unused materials made by the best Italian factories for the best Italian designers.
  • In order to reduce our negative environmental impact, we have made a major change to our production process. Investing in technology, we have brought the embroidery process in our atelier, and thus have ensured minimal wastage of fabric and thread.
  • Also, making the embroidery in the atelier, it will require less courier van transport then before.
  • We use the embroidery threads of Madeira, a winner of the Sustainability Award
  • Finally, the smalest fabric remnants left after the cutting and the embroidery process, are taken to H&M where they will be reused or recycled.
  • We design and produce limited edition collections ( a series of model ).
  • IXTYS also supports the “BUY LESS’ movement by offering timeless high quality designs that can be worn for long periods of time and by few generations.



For its international customers the brand currently operates online from its Showroom, situated in the central part of Sofia, Bulgaria, and it works online and by appointment for its Bulgarian clientele.

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